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Marine and Industrial repair

Norfolk Machine & Welding specializes in many areas of fabrication and repair including; rudder stocks, reduction gears, milling keys and keyways, sheaves, and more. Our machinists and welders work hard to insure the best quality and efficiency are achieved in every job.

Mobile weld repair

We offer onsite welding repair and machine work for a variety of large and small industrial applications. We have the ability to arrive on site to a job with all the welding equipment on hand.

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Started in 1976, Josephine and Bobby Mallard opened Norfolk Machine & Welding in a small shop on 41st street. Josephine and Bobby have worked together to build this business up from its infancy. They continued to build a honest reputation in the area and have held up the dignity of the company throughout the years. Recently moving into a new facility on 27th street in Norfolk, the family run business is now bigger than it has ever been and they continue to grow on a daily basis.

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